Nathan was very knowledgeable about my situation. He understood the process and talked me through each step. He helped me through a very unfair situation and ultimately achieved a positive result.


Nate was the first lawyer I ever needed to hire, and need him I did. After being represented by him in court, he is the first Lawyer I call. His results speak for themselves.


Nathan is absolutely amazing. So impressed how professional and knowledgeable he is. Nathan was very prompt in calling me back and always eager to answer my questions.


Nathan is the best person to have on your side. Very knowledgeable man he’s definitely one you want to have on your side. Knows the law very well and very charismatic in court. Perfect combination.


Nathan knows his stuff! He represents himself and you very well! I would never hesitate to use Nathan again. He will keep you updated on everything that’s going on, and will work with whatever is best for you. 10/10 recommend Nathan!!


I never thought I’d be in a position in life where I needed a lawyer, but when I did, I am SO glad I had Nathan! Having Nathan on my side gave me peace of mind and confidence that everything was going to turn out as best as it could. He was able to break information down to the level of my understanding and I was able to make informed decisions thanks to his knowledge and care he took with my case. Nathan was a great communicator with me as well as those that were involved; I always knew what the next steps were and how to go about things. May I never need another lawyer in my life, but if I do, Nathan Evershed will be my guy!


Very professional and experienced! Nathan helped me get the best possible outcome and always advising me on what to expect next. I couldn’t have picked a better attorney to represent me!


Nathan is very professional, efficient and kind. He has extensive knowledge of the law. The outcome of our case was positive due to his extensive work and great work ethic. We greatly appreciate all if his efforts. We would recommend his services to all that need an incredible defense attorney. Thank you Nathan


Nathan Evershed is a rock star. A friend of mine is an attorney and knew I was in a predicament. Unbeknownst to me, my friend contacted Nathan. The next morning my phone rang with Nathan on the other end. Nathan walked me through everything. When I texted he replied quickly and was always attentive. You know the hot shot attorneys you see on TV, well basically that is Nathan Evershed. Just think of the best closing arguments you have seen in the movies and that’s Nathan. If you don’t need legal services, you can still hire him just to watch him give a made up opening/closing argument. He’s that good. Nathan is well know and respected in the judicial system. Trust me, you will have fun telling others Nathan Evershed is your attorney.


Nathan was exactly who I needed to represent me in a very pivotal moment in my life. I found myself in an impossible situation, so I thought, and was filled with fear and anxiety. After one brief phone call with Nathan, I was put at ease and felt hope moving forward. Nathan knew exactly what to do every step of the way. I was always kept well informed of what was happening, and with Nathan’s help, my life was back on track faster than I ever thought possible. Thank you Nathan!


I hired Nathan Evershed after a criminal case was brought against me. I never felt like I had to press Nathan’s team to get things done. In fact, I never had to lift a finger. Nathan’s team as professional and I didn’t feel like I was being judged. Nathan and his team were timely and communicated with me so effectively, I felt like I really got more than what I paid for. Nathan’s expertise was crucial to having my case dismissed; during my initial hearing. No probation, no fines, and a life returned back to normal with my family. I highly encourage anyone having doubts about an attorney to hire Nathan and his team. They did everything for me, it was really the best experience I think I could have had. I am very appreciative.


Mr. Evershed is a compassionate, understanding, detail-oriented, and EXCEPTIONAL lawyer. I was referred to him by a close friend who had nothing but great things to say about Mr. Evershed as a Criminal Defense Lawyer and as a person.
Mr. Evershed met and exceeded the expectations I had for an attorney. He listened to me and represented me in a manner I was comfortable with. He guided me through the process of criminal and administrative proceedings. He was thorough and prepared. His delivery on the stand is beyond compare; so professional and articulate.
I felt at ease having him by my side during one of the worst ordeals of my life. My case had a great outcome and even if it did not, I would still highly recommend Mr. Evershed.


Nathan Evershed is easy to work with. He’s knowledgeable and is able to provide honest answers in a timely manner. It’s a terrifying experience to be criminally charged. Nathan’s confidence always left me feeling better after speaking with him. He is great at responding quickly and I never had worry’s or concerns that he wasn’t on top of my case. I’ve talked with other attorneys and always felt they didn’t care about the outcome of my case. I’ve never felt that way with Nathan.


In fact, Nathan was the second lawyer I hired for my case. He made me believe there are still righteous and honest lawyers out there. The laziness of the first lawyer wasted a lot of my time and money, but that’s why I hired Nathan. From beginning to the end of the case, contact with Nathan was exceptional. His thoroughness and professionalism was higher than I expected. He was very sincere and willing to help you in any way. It was not just for the money. And yes, my case got dismissed. Nathan, thank you again.


Nathan was so helpful through this process. My work puts me in contact with many lawyers. Nathan is the best period. I watched him maintain good working relationships with other attorneys. I absolutely trust his opinion and knowledge but he made it clear that I was in control. Whatever decision I made he would work hard for the best outcome. I don’t regret hiring him and in fact I feel very lucky to have him watching my back.