An important factor in considering choosing a criminal defense attorney is their experience. Nathan has tried every kind of case, so be assured that you will have the experience necessary representing you.

For over 11 years, Nathan was a Deputy District Attorney inside the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office (DA’s Office). During his time inside the DA’s Office, he became very familiar with the entire criminal process. Nathan screened cases presented by law enforcement, charged cases in court, filed and argued motions, presented evidence at all stages of the criminal process, went to court multiple times a week, and went to jury trial dozens of times.  Many of his jury trials were some of Utah’s most high-profile cases. In short, Nathan developed the skills to become a very effective litigator and one of the most respected criminal attorneys in Utah.

In January, 2019, Nathan began working in private practice with the law firm Nelson Jones, PLLC. In 2023, Nathan became “Of Counsel” for Nelson Jones and started Evershed Law. His primary focus is criminal defense and he has enjoyed helping people get their lives back. As a criminal defense attorney, Nathan has helped clients before charges are filed, after charges are filed, during motion hearings, evidentiary hearings, and jury trials. Nathan has been able to obtain fantastic results for his clients.

In 2021, Nathan began serving the public as a Pro Tempore Member of the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole.

With his experience at the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole, combined with his years as a prosecutor and defense attorney, Nathan has developed an incredibly comprehensive view on all aspects of the criminal justice system. This experience has been very beneficial for his clients.

With his vast experience on both sides of a criminal case, along with the courtroom skills he has developed over the years, Nathan is well equipped to defend your case.